[][src]Module wlroots::cursor::xcursor

Wrappers around the XCursor library used by wlroots.

From the man page:

Xcursor is a simple library designed to help locate and load cursors. Cursors can be loaded from files or memory. A library of common cursors exists which map to the standard X cursor names. Cursors can exist in several sizes and the library automatically picks the best size.



Contains the information necessary to render the cursor.


xcursor::Manager dynamically loads xcursor themes at sizes necessary for use on outputs at arbitrary scale factors. You should call load for each output you will show your cursor on, with the scale factor parameter set to that output's scale factor.


An xcursor::Theme at a particular scale factor of the base size.


Wrapper for an xcursor theme from the X11 xcursor library.


Wrapper for an xcursor from the X11 xcursor library.